Aftercare Instructions

The henna paste will take 10-20 minutes to dry.

  • After the paste dries, make sure the design remains uncovered.

  • Leave the paste on the skin for 4-8 hours or overnight for optimal stain.

  • The paste begins staining the skin right away.

  • It can be removed sooner if maximum staining is not necessary.

  • Tips for maximum stain~ steam the design/heat with blowdryer/dab a half lemon juice half sugar solution on the stain

  • When you are ready to remove the paste pick it off or use something to help scrap off the paste.

  • The stain on the skin will be a light to bright orange at first.

  • Rub of a vegetable based oil to protect the stain as there are still staining properties on the skin.

  • Over the next 24-48 hours the stain will darken to a variance of brown to dark burgundy color depending on how long the paste was on the skin, where the design was placed and skin chemistry.

  • To protect the skin after the paste has been removed, do not exfoliate the skin, dab lightly with a towel after washing the area.

  • The henna stain will last 1-3 week gradually fading during this time.

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