Henna, an ancient tradition that has been a practice of humanity for over 5,000 years.  The love and art of henna is used in many cultures around the globe.  Originating with hot climate areas where henna is grown in Asia and Africa.  Watch area having its own unique style.  Over time henna culture has blossomed.  Many people love this ancient art and crated their own artistic style of design.  Each henna artist shares in this community, bring henna art to people all over the world.  

Melissa's intrest for henna was sparked as a young girl in the 90's.  While she spent much time drawing designs on her hands with pens and markers, she discovered henna.  She saw the lovely henna on Gewn Stephanie and Madonna and knew she wanted to learn how to do that.  At the time, there was not much information online about henna.  She made her first batch from henna powder bought at an indian food store mixed with lemon juice and tea.  Her applicator was just a ziplock bag with the tip cut of.  An henna artist journey of perfecting their paste is never ending.  Now, her paste includes 100% triple sifted henna powder, organic sugar(sometimes molasses), and a blend of essential oils.  She had rolls mylar cones for application.  

There is no henna challenge that Melissa will not take on.  Bridal being her biggest honor to do.

Check out some of her work below.  Have an idea?  Send her a message.